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The Work Hard Pittsburgh Cooperative

A Member-Owned Business Incubator

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Who Does Your Economic Energy Benefit?

Work Hard Pittsburgh provides entrepreneurs with a resource-rich environment where they can start and scale their business.

  • Tools & Talent

  • Resources

  • Access to Capital

Join the world’s first cooperatively organized business incubator. Help build a community of entrepreneurs whose mission is to launch new products in a fair and equitable business environment.

Work Hard Pittsburgh exists to help entrepreneurs start, scale, and grow their business. Our community provides a structure where entrepreneurs can focus on sales and organic growth, rather than the pursuit of capital.

Entrepreneurs earn units of Work Hard Pittsburgh, LLC as they participate in our community. This empowers our members to collaborate more freely, to share leads more frequently, and to mitigate their own risk. Over time, members earn units in the cooperative that upon certain liquidity events have the potential to pay dividends or seed new investment vehicles that members can access.

Cooperative Products

Collectively we take products to market to generate revenue for operations and to seed new investment vehicles. Members have the opportunity to be founders on these products as they continue to work on their own projects.

Membership Units

Vested Members

Units of Work Hard PGH, LLC the cooperative’s organizing entity, are earned according to our operating agreement. Vested members pay an annual membership fee of $540 and must complete 50 hours of community service each year. Service can include member-to-member. member-to-cooperative, or member-to-community capacity building. Vested units are awarded at the end of each year, with vested member privileges coming into effect upon award. Vested units remain active for one year and then convert into preferred units.

Preferred Units

Preferred Membership Units accumulate over time and give members the opportunity to participate in certain liquidity events spelled out in our Operating Agreement. Preferred units do not expire and do not require continued participation.


Deep Talent Networks

Work Hard Pittsburgh is full of human capacity, sourced from Academy Pittsburgh and our freelance community.

Unique Physical Spaces

Members have access to real estate assets that include classrooms, events spaces, and flexible office space.

Media Resources

Leverage a wide variety of media production equipment to tell the story of your business or nonprofit. Broadcast your updates with our livestream rig, and create next generation content in our upcoming AR/VR lab.