The Work Hard Pittsburgh Cooperative

Supporting the Good Work of Our Members

Find Support to Maximize Your Organization’s Resources

Work Hard Pittsburgh and its members are mandated by our Operating Agreement to be a positive change agent in our neighborhoods. Service is built into our business practice with each full member required to do 50 hours of service each year to the community at large. Combined, our members have donated hundreds of hours of time that have resulted in cost-savings for our neighborhood nonprofits.

Our Members Have Done $125,000 of Pro Bono Work to Support the Efforts of Nonprofits in Our Region

A Resource-Rich Environment to Grow Your Nonprofit

Besides human capacity, the Work Hard Pittsburgh cooperative offers an affordable office solution and flex-space to our impact-driven members. Whether you’re a nonprofit or activist, you’ll find value in our unique media resources.




Our cooperative keeps industry-standard media production gear at hand so that our members can tell their story. Our list of coop-owned resources is always growing.

  • Green Screen

  • Cameras and Accessories

  • Podcasting Equipment

  • Fast Workstations

  • Access to Adobe Cloud
  • Livestreaming Rig