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There are two ways to access the Work Hard Pittsburgh community and facilities:

Cooperative Member – Work Hard Pittsburgh, LLC is cooperatively owned. Cooperative Members earn units over time through their participation, service, and cash contribution. Membership in the Work Hard Pittsburgh Co-op is governed by our Operating Agreement. Generally, co-op members have access to value adding services in addition to access to facilities.

Coworker – A coworker at Work Hard Pittsburgh has full access to facilities and site resources. Coworkers DO NOT earn units of Work Hard Pittsburgh, LLC.

Both types of use provide 24/7 access to common areas located inside of facilities. Dedicated space is available for additional fees.

Here’s a handy table to help you understand the difference.

Cooperative Member Coworker
24/7 Access to facilities Y Y
Access to equipment Y Y
Allowed to purchase dedicated space Y Y
Access to co-op controlled capital funds Y N
Priority access to freelance jobs Y N
Access to member-to-member service exchange Y N
Allowed to sit on policy shaping committees Y N
Voting rights Y N
Participation in profit distributions if and when they occur at the discretion of the Management Y N

Please see our Operating Agreement for a thorough description of the rules and process that govern the rights listed above.

Your membership or facilities use does not create tenancy, but rather provides You with a prepaid usage license to access the provided amenities on a monthly or casual basis.

Please consider the differences carefully before choosing which type of membership you want:

Become a CoWorker
Join the Coop

Sorry, we don’t accept new coop members in October, November, or December. Come back in January of 2018. You can still join Work Hard PGH as a coworker by clicking the other button.