At The Hardware Store, we believe that do’ers should celebrate their creative spirit through productivity, not dangerous and offensive grooming.

You see, over-the-top mustaches are just one of many diversions employed by digital service providers. These guys want you to be hypnotized by the glamours yet mysterious nature of technology. Odds are, your organization has experienced these sorts of shenanigans as you’ve tried to figure out the best technology solution. You have no doubt encountered vendors that employ showmanship and sleight of hand throughout their customer process.

It’s unnecessary, and if you’ve noticed it, it’s probably pretty frustrating too.

The Hardware Store offers a wide variety of digital services without such diversions. We work hard to lift the veil, unravel the mystery, and create customers that are informed consumers of technology.

Get in touch to start an down-to-earth consultation.

The Hardware Store offers recurring support plans that fit any budget. Each month, we’ll work with your organization to maximize your technology dollars so that they have the most impact. No more “one and done” purchasing. No more buyer’s remorse – just methodical progress towards your goals.

Our freelance community stands committed to delivering Pittsburgh technology without funny mustaches so that your organization can learn and build its capacity.

Pittsburgh Technology without Funny Mustaches

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Pittsburgh Technology without Funny Mustaches