The Hardware Store presents Fall Pitchfest 2014. Four times a year, Pittsburgh entrepreneurs present their work to the community in the form of 10 minute or 90 second pitches. The event is organized by Pittsburgh Tech Meetup.

Heather Broman introduces LoDoMo, a resource for people to input information about their life, health, assets, family & friends to create a living will, healthcare & financial power of attorney documentation, and plans for their death & management of their assets (including social media) after their passing. Email Heather at to learn more.

Robert Simpson presents an idea to combine email and social media through gamification of the email platform. Contact Robert at to learn more.

David discusses Kestenberg Consulting’s services and proposes FocusFeed, an online dashboard that would integrate the most commonly used online services within small businesses, with customized info feeds to help businesses make informed decisions. Visit for more information and beta signup.

Stephen Jones introduces CerebroScope, a concussion detection device that measures a unique electrical signal generated by the impacted brain that lasts about 30 minutes, is immediately detectable, does not depend on symptoms, and can be used to assess severe acute brain injury. CerebroScope has a provisional patent and is forging a relationship with an EMG device manufacturer. Email Stephen at to learn more.

Ann George introduces iXMessage, a private, social space where tween girls can creatively build and exchange messages.iXMessage will aim to create a trusted environment for parents and encourage tween girls to pursue careers in computer technology. Email Ann at for more information.

David Schofield presents Qualepathy, a service that will offer issue tracking and workflow tools, targeting businesses in highly-regulated industries with federally mandated, closed-loop quality control requirements (like medical device manufacturers and the aerospace industry.) Contact David at to learn more.

Eliezer Kanal introduces TubePress, an intuitive web tool for embedding full YouTube and Vimeo video libraries into a beautiful, responsive web gallery. TubePress is already available for early adopters. Please visit or email Eli at

Eric Skaggs presents, a micro-job platform that serves as a social networking website for making a living online. was relaunched in August 2014. Visit or email Eric at to learn more.

Sachal Lakhavani introduces Srvd, an app that will allow users to order drinks at a bar from their phone. The bar will have an iPad, and the user will also receive notifications that the drink is ready. Srvd will be data-driven, offering user info to alcohol companies. Srvd is currently piloting at 4 bars in Pittsburgh.

Robert Kotcher presents Nebulus, a free web app that allows musicians to record and mix tracks in real-time through online collaboration. “Google Docs meets Garage Band.” Nebulus is currently in alpha testing. Visit to learn more.

Proposed idea for an aggregation of tools for small, local businesses. Would supplement or replace tools like Quickbooks, offer answers to local tax questions, and offer easy installation for 25 different PHPs.