When was the last time you used a mobile website — to check a restaurant’s menu, to look up office hours or learn more about a company? Digital media has changed the way customers connect with businesses and the shift to smartphones makes a strong mobile presence essential to connecting with customers on the go. Unfortunately, many business owners aren’t sure how to join the digital world successfully, or they believe modern tech belongs to big companies with better resources.

Micah in The Hardware Store

Micah Rosa in The Hardware Store

Shoutside Media is a full digital marketing firm that plans to change those ideas and introduce small business owners to digital media. With services like web development, social media management, mobile websites, SEO, and commercial videos, Shoutside Media offers not just an end product, but a meaningful, evidence-based increase in sales, reach, and returns. Team members Micah Rosa and Brent Vaccaro also believe in empowering their clients to learn the technology and take ownership of their digital property.

“There’s this sense of resistance to adopting digital media in Pittsburgh,” says Vaccaro. “But we’re doing things differently than the corporate marketing firms. There’s still room for big business and corporate marketing for certain clients, but we’re offering an approach that caters to small business owners and their unique needs.”

The need for Shoutside is apparent by its rapid success. It has been featured on KDKA, The Pittsburgh Business Times, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and VisitPittsburgh. Both of Shoutside’s founders have both been honored by their alma maters — Brent Vaccaro as West Virginia University’s alumni of the month and Micah Rosa as Carnegie Mellon’s leadership spotlight on the homepage of cmu.edu. Mr. Rosa attended the Tepper School of business at age 16 and started what was to become Shoutside Media in his sophomore year. Shoutside’s leadership is often called on to lecture at Duquesne University’s Entrepreneurship events as well as many other social functions.

Shoutside Media fits right in at The Hardware Store, where startups share a co-working space and amenities. The Hardware Store is challenging top-down methods of funding startup companies, making this environment the perfect home for businesses like Shoutside that are redefining entrepreneurial success.



To learn more about Shoutside Media or contact the team, visit their website at http://shoutsidemedia.com/ or stop by Shoutside Media on Facebook.