On Thursday (12/10/15) representatives from Team Tusick and Work Hard PGH kicked off Services to the Street with Leon Rose of Leon’s Caribbean Restaurant, as part of Pittsburgh Tall’s Services to the Street program. This meeting took place to identify the services necessary to help Leon’s expand their business capacity while simultaneously scaling their revenue.

Located in at 823 East Warrington Avenue in Allentown, Leon’s Caribbean offers authentic Caribbean cuisine that cannot be found anywhere else in Pittsburgh. This cuisine includes a unconventional meats such as “Oxtail,” evoking curiosity among customers. Despite the unconventional choices, many mainstream consumers will be more than pleased with the combination of spices and flavors unmatched in many other types of cuisine. The meat is tender off the bone, and the mild sides of rice, beans and cabbage compliments the pungent spice of their meats.

When consulting with Leon, the team identified several service needs within their business, including opportunities to optimize their online presence, and providing vinyl signage on their food truck that will expand their reach.

“We see an opportunity expand our business and let more people know about Caribbean cuisine through our food truck.” said Leon Rose.

During the year, the team will work with Leon to develop buildout of these services to reflect the both the products and history of the pharmacy.

“Most of the focus of our services are directed to expanding their audience.” said David Tusick of Team Tusick, one of the consultants recruited for the services.

You can stay updated on Leon’s progress by following Pittsburgh Tall on Twitter @PGHTall.