Meet the Coop Members – Anthony Stewart – DECO Resources 

Meet Anthony Stewart of DECO Resources.  DECO stands for Design Engineering Construction Operations. This company provides environmental consulting and green design to innovative projects and businesses surrounding the greater Pittsburgh region.  DECO Resources has been a Work Hard Member for over three years.  You can stay up to date with DECO on Facebook, Twitter, or stopping by Work Hard headquarters.

How did DECO Resources get started?

Originally, I working as environmental consultant and realized that there was a lack of resources available to small businesses.  I began freelancing especially in water treatment. I had a number of friends in the City who owned or managed small businesses and began asking what they may be interested in and how I might be able to provide services for them.  From there DECO Resources was formally established in 2013.

What do you like about best about Work Hard’s co-working environment?

As a small start-up, WH has a number of people that have a variety of services that can be an add on to what I provide, but a team that can provide ancillary services.  We can collaborate in that way.

What have been some of the most interesting clients you’ve worked with?

One of the most fun projects we’ve had is an aquaponics system for a burial park in Verona.  We had been designing an aquaponics system and finding a client that would be interested in trying it out.  When I met the owners of the burial park I wasn’t sure how it fit in their business model, but then as I got to learn more from them I learn that we had sustainability in common.

Through the aquaponics system we were able to provide a space for flowers, treat storm water on site, and illustrate the cycle of life (for the park).

In addition to that, Haggerty Media was able to document the whole process adding a great layer of understanding of why it supports their business.  Meta-Mesh Wireless was also able to provide a wireless router for the system.  All of these services were provided by the Work Hard family to the client.

What are some of the projects you’re currently working on?

Later this spring, we are looking to launch a product called the “DECO Green Home.” It’s a complete package that can be integrated into their home. We are working with the South Hilltop Men’s Group and New Sun Rising to implement the program to low income and eco-friendly residents to help reduce costs and waste.  The product will include wifi, solar power, and rain barrels.

How does WHPGH’s cooperative structure add value?

Everyone is their own boss here.  We all come here because we want to be here and there is positive culture that we share in success as well as share in challenges.

What makes your company unique?

We like challenges and are interested in problem solving.  There’s no company doing what we’re doing here in Pittsburgh.  We take each project and analyze how we should approach this using cost effective solutions.   We are working to transition from the way things have been done to see how we can do things better bringing solutions for more people and help solve urban blight making it equitable for all neighborhoods.