New Member Shout-Out – Part 2

Work Hard Pittsburgh has been hard at work these past couple of months. We have gained multiple new members and want to welcome and share 6 of them! This is Part 2 of a series where we will be sharing the remaining 3 of our 6 new members. We asked each of the new members to talk about their business and what they hope to achieve in 2017 along with why they chose Work Hard Pittsburgh as their cooperative space of choice, and how you can contact them.


Phil Haddad Design

I work with clients to design engaging websites that are beautiful and easy to use. My clients are fairly diverse, ranging from a healthcare technology startup to a former Australian pro basketball player. A lot of the times, less tech savvy individuals can be a little bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information, solutions, and content there is on the internet. A part of my job working with them is to help show them how to leverage what’s out there for their business.

Along with freelancing, I work in user experience design for ProviderTrust, a technology company based in Nashville, Tennessee. We build software that helps healthcare organizations maintain their compliance with federal regulations. This year I am transitioning to focus less on pure marketing and more on user experience. Often, people assume that design is just making something look pretty when really it’s much deeper than that. I’m spending a lot of my energy on bringing that level of thoughtfulness, research, and user-centricity to the work I do.

I recently moved back to Pittsburgh and was working from my home. I missed the community aspect of working in an office, and I find that I’m more productive when I have a place to go work for the day. The more I learned about Work Hard, the more I wanted to be a part of, or at least around, all the cool stuff going on here.  My portfolio, blog, and everything you could need to get in touch with me is on my website.


Revv 360

My name is Karen Possessky (4 s’s). I’m a solopreneur and founded revv360 (2 v’s and no capital letters). I aim to help small business owners, startups, thought leaders and entrepreneurs by boosting their marketing position. My social work background (over 15 years in the profession) enhances my work with strengths in assessment, research, complex problem-solving and interactions with people (in both digital and physical worlds).
Concerning my goals for 2017, I want to offer memberships that will include access to a library of articles, templates and resources that are all reader/user friendly and up-to-date. I want to explore podcasting and live video marketing  for me and my clients.
I chose Work Hard PGH because it was cost effective. Has excellent equipment that can serve me and my clients well. The collection of knowledgeable and talented people inspires and energizes me to keep learning and work harder. It’s easier to achieve greatness when you are surrounded by great minds.  You can check us out on our website, Twitter, and Linkedin. Karen can be reached directly at her email: and phone: (214) 537-1852.


Tim Shea Digital Marketing

Well, I’ve been referred to as a Digital Swiss Army Knife, but I’d say my primary strength is customer acquisition. For more than 10 years I’ve been helping companies create paths to new customers using multiple channels. I’ve had a lot of success building, prospecting, and re-marketing campaigns for my clients. Most commonly I work within Paid Search, Facebook, Email, and Display platforms for traffic acquisition.

In 2017, I’d really like to expand my Pittsburgh network and client base – I just can’t say enough good things about this city and the people I’ve encountered here.  Of course maintaining success for my existing clients is always a priority.  I moved to Pittsburgh from New York in early January and was fortunate to get a referral that led me to Work Hard PGH. I was really impressed with everyone I met during my first visit. This is the ideal place to foster collaboration with like-minded, motivated and entrepreneurial individuals. Working from home can be great, but my coffee machine isn’t nearly as collaborative as the crew here.  You can find me at Work Hard PGH! You can also read a little more about me at my website or shoot me an email at