Meet the Coop Members – Knowledge Hudson – Classic 1824

Meet Knowledge Build Hudson.  Knowledge is a multifaceted connector.  He is the owner of Classic 1824 Consulting as well as an active partner with One Blue Voice and Epicast Network.  Knowledge has connected nonprofits, businesses, political parties, and more creating social good with on the ground promotions and strategies.

How did Classic 1824 get started and what type of services do you provide?

Growing out of RXC, a local Pittsburgh rap group from 1996-2004, we developed the promotional arm of the group.  I often was passing out flyers and booking locations for shows.

From there I was hired many times based on my skilled set to connect others.  This included the Larimer Consensus Group, Garfield Jubilee Association, and political campaigns including Jake Wheatley and Chelsea Wagner.  Strategies for these projects run from community engagement, social media, local outreach. 1824 Classic was the first company to include Periscope in a political campaign.  We connect people to opportunities.

What do you like about best about Work Hard’s co-working environment?

I was introduced to Work Hard through podcasting with the Juice Crew and later 10 Minutes of Knowledge.  This again introduces audiences to new products and ideas. Work Hard was a place to record and engage our audience.  Later adding an address, a desk, I was able to grow my personal network.  The environment helps me push forward and push others too.

What have been some of the most enjoyable experiences with your clients?

In the political world, the Chelsea Wagner campaign was challenging but it was fun as we were outmanned, outnumbered, all odds were against us, but still came out successful.  It was exciting during the victory, plus it was a boost to recognize that what I was doing was on the right track.

One of the most unique experiences I had with a client was with UrbanKind’s Friday Forum.  It was one of the first time’s I subcontracted with other freelancers at Work Hard to livestream the event.  As “solopreneur” I was challenged to bring on other workers to make it happen.

More recently, I’ve been working with the Kelly Strayhorn Theater to grow their membership, activate their lobby as a third space and additional social media.

What gap does Work Hard Pittsburgh fill in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Work Hard is an environment for solo “workerprenuers” plus business workers to connect.  Otherwise we would have to search to find others to work with.  And Services to the Streets addresses Pittsburgh’s changing environment as neighborhoods deal with gentrification.  It helps those existing businesses that are already here connect with Work Hard members and other nearby businesses to work together.  It doesn’t just benefit those in house at Work Hard but throughout the community giving the extra push to connect with other people to grow.


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