Meet the Coop Members

Meet Mike Sorg.  Mike is the owner of Sorgatron Media and Sidekick Media Services.  Mike is a creative digital business that has grown his business and contributed to many Work Hard events and projects.

How did you get started?

Sorgatron Media is a video production, podcasting, digital and social media company. And it all stemmed from a pro-wrestling podcast over 11 years ago.  This lead to building more services and activity for the company plus more travel and other podcasting.

What have been some of your most enjoyable projects?

I have an interest in documentaries and travel and tying those together.  One of my favorites has been the documentary on Zach Gowen, the world’s only one-legged wrestler.  It’s become recognized by wrestling productions and it was really cool to see him on American Ninja Warrior in recent months since filming the documentary and he’s sticking to it.

Who have some of your more unique clients?

SEA international began as a podcasting project and recently turned into video project.  It’s a collegiate group of engineers including car and computer building.  With video and podcasting they are able to reach more students and have platform and get them more involved.  We featured close and personal videos kids building cars in dessert, making it fun.

What gap does Work Hard Pittsburgh fill in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

There a few things that have supported my businesses growth.  For one, location.  It is an easy commute as a South Pittsburgh resident and easy to get to.  Work Hard is a gathering space of like-minded, creative people. A huge plus for me when I joined was the desk space and being able to interact with others, creating a vibe….and seeing what others were working on and how we might collaborate.  This has helped me scale several projects over the years.

And I wouldn’t have the ability to acquire live stream business, working together with Youtube, Facebook live, innovation weekends, etc have enabled Sorgatron to reach a bigger audience.  That’s a huge opportunity for my business and grow skills at the same time.


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