Meet the Coop Members – David Tusick – Team Tusick

Meet David Tusick, creator of Team Tusick.  With over a decade in experience, David has grown and developed his company to help grow other businesses through online search, analytics, and data to drive traffic to client’s website and marketing efforts.

How did you get started?

I sort of fell into it.  I started in marketing and advertising while in college.  I began working with some clients and at that time social media was starting up.  I learned all the facets of digital…for example, search work has a lasting impact with content and its search strategy.  This helps clients make better decisions based on real data.   I started with a traditional business model and office downtown but changed my business model and joined Work Hard in 2013.

What do you like about best about Work Hard’s co-working environment?

What I love is the community and people.  It’s a growing and evolving group of professionals learning from each others.I’d previously have to hire or network for project but that’s all taken care of now with a natural community that is skilled and others can help in parts that I don’t always love to do.  Skilled individuals create a natural flow of new work.

How does WHPGH’s cooperative structure add value?

Work Hard not only has resources but  talent.  Freelancer or businesses usually only work with same people.  But with the coop my company gets to engage with more people and more opportunities.   It’s a great quality of the space to have people around.  Without the Work Hard Pittsburgh community I would be stuck in traditional business model and spending more money on operations, now I am able to be more flexible, more profitable as individual in the Work Hard community.

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