Services to the Street Kicks off with Amsler Pharmacy

On Friday (12/4) representatives from Team Tusick and Work Hard PGH met with George Norkus of Amsler Pharmacy as part of Pittsburgh Tall’s Services to the Street program. This meeting took place to identify the services necessary to help Amsler Pharmacy market their discounted prescriptions and retail products while simultaneously scaling their revenue. Located in [...]

Meta Mesh wants to get mesh network Wi-Fi to neighborhoods throughout Pittsburgh

Adam Longwill built his first wireless antenna using a wok. “My parents, whom I was living with at the time, had DSL and they were too cheap to get a better connection,” the founder and CEO of Meta Mesh jokes. “I was home from college and I was desperate for good Internet speed. I thought [...]

Meta Mesh looking to expand free wireless Internet access throughout Pittsburgh

There's a lot of talk of bridging what's referred to as the digital divide—the gap between haves and have nots when it comes to access to modern information and communications technology — and one Pittsburgh startup thinks it has the solution. With its community-owned wireless networks, Meta Mesh LLC is looking to connect Pittsburgh neighborhoods [...]

Pittsburgh startup to ‘democratize’ broadband with free wireless Internet

Meta Mesh, a Pittsburgh startup, is hoping to bring free wireless broadband service to neighborhoods through its PittMesh network, which lets anyone join the network using consumer-grade, off-the-shelf Wi-Fi hardware. The Wi-Fi access is provided by residents and businesses in a neighborhood that volunteer to host the necessary equipment. With enough hotspot nodes, PittMesh can [...]

12 communities experimenting with mesh networks

Whether to get around traditional ISPs or to bulk up resiliency in the event of a disaster, these mesh networks are worth knowing about. Mesh networks help people stay connected while avoiding traditional internet providers. Motivation around the country for creating community mesh networks ranges from a desire for social justice, improved information access during natural disasters or just [...]

Pittsburgh’s Allentown gets free wireless Internet

Free wireless has arrived in Allentown, allowing people within a quarter-mile of host antennas on Warrington Avenue to use the Internet, with battery backup in case of power outages. The young company Meta Mesh developed the community networking prototype, PittMesh, and considers the Warrington project the first piece of what its founder, Adam Longwill, expects [...]

Fall Pitchfest 2014

The Hardware Store presents Fall Pitchfest 2014. Four times a year, Pittsburgh entrepreneurs present their work to the community in the form of 10 minute or 90 second pitches. The event is organized by Pittsburgh Tech Meetup. Heather Broman introduces LoDoMo, a resource for people to input information about their life, health, assets, family & [...]

Local Company Puts Drone In Pittsburgh’s Sky

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Flying robots circling the skies above Pittsburgh? It may sound futuristic, but the widespread use of unmanned aerial vehicles, known as drones, may only be a few years away. Commercial drone use is still illegal, though the FAA continues to draft regulations. Read More: http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2014/02/11/local-company-puts-drone-in-pittsburghs-sky/