Equipment Checkout and Room Reservation FAQ

Cooperative and coworking members of Work Hard Pittsburgh have access to shared equipment. Equipment use is a privilege not a right and requires collaboration to avoid scheduling conflicts and to keep the gear in good condition. If you’re interested in using shared assets like our livestream rig, podcasting equipment, or cameras please reach out to the Production Committee for orientation. 

Equipment use is governed by the following rules. 

  1. Members can reserve a specific piece of equipment 3 consecutive days in row each month. After 3 consecutive days of checkout, members can only reserve equipment until 48 hours prior to checkout.
  2. Members can only reserve a single piece of equipment for a total of 7 days each month.
  3. Special requests can be made to the production committee if exceptions need to be made.

Available equipment changes often. Generally, the following are available for community use. Most items can be taken offsite.

  1. (2) Canon VIXIA G20
  2. Livestream Rig
  3. Zoom H6 and (2) SM57’s
  4. Zoom H4
  5. (2) SM57’s
  6. Front workstation w/Adobe Cloud
  7. Back workstation w/Adobe Cloud
  8. (2) 24″ x 24″ LED light packs
  9. (2) 8″ x 15″ LED light packs
  10. Various microphone and audio cables
  11. 10 channel mixing board and powered PA speakers
  12. Tripod
  13. Headphones
  14. (2) projectors in conference
  15. (3) pop up tents in workroom
  16. MacBook laptop
  17. (30) folding chairs
  1. All items being checked out must go on Work Hard PGH‘s calendar
  2. In the calendar event title place Room of Use : Item(s) / Bin(s) : Name of Person Responsible
  3. If number of items runs over, add to event details on calendar
  4. List the time you will have the equipment from check out time to check in time. Be sure to book entire time out of the building including travel
  5. Max number of check out days: 7
  1. Requests for new equipment may be made through #comm-production on Slack.
  1. Equipment check out privileges may be suspended if:
  2. Equipment is not returned by specified return time and it impacts another member’s ability to work a gig.
  3. If member loses equipment, they may not check out new gear until a replacement plan has been made.
  4. Broken equipment does not constitute a loss of privileges but may be reviewed by Production Committee for negligence.
  1. Livestream rig, laptops, Asus tablet, and computer workstations are special case use equipment and must be used on professional gigs.
  2. Livestream rig must be requested through production committee if you are not trained in its use.
  1. Return items to designated labelled locations
  2. Check that all equipment listed in a bin or box is present when you return it.
  3. Place a notice in #comm-production that items have been returned.
  4. If equipment is going out for more than 24 hours, send reminder to #comm-production Slack to ensure no conflicts
  1. Check that all equipment listed in a bin or box is present when you check equipment out by reading the label on equipment kits.
  2. If equipment is missing/broken immediately post a @channel notification in #comm-production
  1. Upstairs Conference Room
  2. Green Screen Room
  3. Podcasting Lounge
  4. Back Workstation
  5. Front Workstation
  6. Upstairs Shared Space
  7. Academy Pittsburgh Classroom (email for access)