The Work Hard Pittsburgh Cooperative

Where Freelance Workers Thrive

Access to the Gig Economy

Work Hard Pittsburgh was founded by people just like you looking for shared resources and jobs in the gig economy. Since 2013 we’ve been building a place where independent and remote workers can call home. More importantly, we’ve been creating a client list that include great brands like Google Pittsburgh, The Water’s Foundation, Geospatial Corporation, and Harris Grill. We leverage our relationships with the business and nonprofit communities to ensure a steady stream of contract work flows to our members.

Each Year We Pass Through $200,000 of Contract Jobs to Our Freelance Members

Advocates for Fair Wage

For too long, a fragmented freelance community has allowed a rush to the bottom deflate the hourly wage of contract work. Work Hard Pittsburgh is committed to helping freelancers stabilize the region’s contract worker wage. We’re helping to create the process, expectation, and culture so that freelancers become the blue collar workers of the new economy. A cooperative is the best place to start building these systems that move towards more formal organizing structure that might provide health care, negotiating power, and minimum wages.

We couple our efforts with impactful training opportunities like Academy Pittsburgh to help keep our freelance members prepare for the next big opportunity. In the fall, we’ll be launching the region’s first publicly available AR & VR lab. There, community members will be able to learn the skills needed to make the next generation of content.


Let’s Build the Next Big Thing

In 2017, the Work Hard Pittsburgh Cooperative plans to purchase around 9000 sq. ft. of mixed use commercial property in the Allentown Neighborhood of Pittsburgh. These physical assets will be member-owned. To learn more about our organizing structures, read our operating agreement. In the meantime, imagine what these new facilities can can become and come help us build it.