Stories from Neighborhoods on the Rise

Pittsburgh neighborhoods are amazing. They are rich with business, culture, and character. Work Hard Pittsburgh’s media experts are committed to capturing and publishing the events and people that make our City great. We collaborate with neighborhoods and organizations to create content that’s easy to post, find, and consume. In doing so, we help neighborhoods strengthen their narrative and improve perception.

A Program of

Video – Podcasts – Blogs – Copy

Pro bono content creation for your neighborhood.

Stories from neighborhoods on the rise Pittsburgh Tall

Guidelines for Participation

Work Hard Pittsburgh is an active member of the Pittsburgh community, but we recognize that you know your community’s stories and events best. To ensure project success, active participation by key stakeholders and coordination with our content professionals is required every month. Neighborhoods must:

  • Identify the stories, people, and business to be featured
  • Work with a creative director to capture the correct perspective and tone
  • Adhere to an agreed upon production and publication schedule
  • Be able to pay an in-kind fee determined after subsidies are applied

Thousands of views and likes.
Hundreds of hours of engagement for Pittsburgh neighborhoods.