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The Hardware Store breaks down nurturing a Pittsburgh incubator

By Deborah M. Todd / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The standard model of an incubator program fueling small business seed costs to encourage big business returns is getting a revamp at Allentown-based co-working organization The Hardware Store. An event Thursday, titled “Let’s Build an Incubator,” broke down the legal ins and outs of a plan to create [...]

Pittsburgh’s Allentown gets free wireless Internet

Free wireless has arrived in Allentown, allowing people within a quarter-mile of host antennas on Warrington Avenue to use the Internet, with battery backup in case of power outages. The young company Meta Mesh developed the community networking prototype, PittMesh, and considers the Warrington project the first piece of what its founder, Adam Longwill, expects [...]

Allentown start-up businesses share space in old hardware store

By Diana Nelson Jones Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The neighborhood hardware store had its day in the 20th century, but a vacant one will give Allentown a 21st century boost when it opens later this month as The Hardware Store, a co-working incubator of start-up media production and crowd-sourcing companies. Bud's Hardware at 744 E. Warrington Ave. [...]